I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

IN THE GALLERY: The Sublime Directory

February 20 - March 24

The Sublime Directory features collaborative wall paintings, collages, and sculptures by Los Angeles based artists Ellen Khansefid and Marisa Marofske, completed on-site for the exhibition. The works are inspired by the Xenofeminist Manifesto‘s call to rethink the application of technologies towards a more radical future. Signage–both online and IRL, the iconography of Los Angeles, outdated porn search engines, memes, and friendship influence the works.

Ellen Khansefid (b. 1992, Los Angeles, CA) lives and works in Los Angeles. Working primarily in drawing, painting, and sculpture, Khansefid’s focus resides in figuration, pulling themes from art history and personal experience. She draws references from printed media and pop culture to create works that are personal and evasive. She obtained a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2014.

Marisa Marofske (b. 1992, Chicago, IL) is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her paintings, architectural installations, community organizing, and furniture projects seek to examine the spatial dimensions of urban life on a personal scale.

This is Yes We Cannibal’s inaugural gallery show.