I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

August Update

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Hi Cannibals and other loved ones,

As Fall comes on the horizon, Yes We Cannibal is more busy than ever before, by a mile.

Last week, we completed our 23rd MEAT MEET of the year, featuring the incomparable Renee Reed supported by our own friend and volunteer AV Tech, Hal Lambert. In recent weeks we’ve also featured film screening and provocative discussions, first time performers, a documentary film crew and more. We continue to host MEAT MEET every Sunday in-person 4-6 pm and are beginning to build a reliable audience who return repeatedly and are comprised of some of the most interesting folks we’ve met in Baton Rouge including those who’ve previously performed here.

Due to new variants and exponential COVID transmission, we are strictly enforcing properly worn masks for these and all events, moving them outside when possible.

Our next gallery show, Itty Bitty, Nitty Gritty opens 6-9pm on Saturday, August 14th and will run through September 12th featuring new works from Samanatha Combs. From September 18th through October 19th, we are thrilled to open Horizon Flux, featuring an eco-political-aesthetic dialogue of sculptural assemblages by Hannah Chalew (New Orleans) and photographs by Lily Brooks (Baton Rouge). A closing event will be held in October. The following week, YWC co-founders, Mat Keel and Liz Lessner will open No Things, Nothing featuring new sculptural and mixed media work.

We are also in full swing with 3 engagement groups: Anarchist Political Ecology (APE), Sensory Engagement Lab (SEL), and Genderfringe, a radical queer reading group. We also began offering sitting meditation under the subtitle Vajra, No Masters in August. Dates and times for all of these are available on our Encounters page.

We are closing in on 50% of our Sep 1 fundraising goal to secure $1000 in monthly micro-patronage but we still need your help! Our next goal will be to secure the remainder of $2000 monthly by December 1st, 2021 so that we can keep our doors open when our lease comes up for Renewal in March 2022. Please visit us on Patreon to learn more.

We have many exciting projects and partnerships in the works including good movement and partnership towards our 16th Food Forest and an Old South food corridor with community partners.

We continue to feel profoundly grateful for the outstanding talents of our key volunteer supports, Gideon Fortune, Chief Press Officer and Hal Lambert, AV Consultant. In soon-coming weeks, we will introduce  our new Gallery Assistant and AV Editor.

Keep your eyes peeled for many more exciting salon events and gallery shows in coming months including A Band Name Hyckorii on September 26th and NickyClick in early October as well selections from Green Porno, Isabella Rosselini’s brilliant conceptual short about animal mating paired with a talk by the Capital Area Beekeepers Association in early September. Dates and times for all of these are also available on our Encounters page.

In other news, we’ve secured listings in most of the major local publications to whom we are grateful, begun making stronger connections with allies in New Orleans and Lafayette and slowly but surely brought our Twitch capacity up to professional standards. Check our our most recent events on YouTube to see more. We’ve also launched our web shop with T-Shirts, Posters, Seeds and more.

Again, we most humbly and emphatically ask for your monthly micro-patronage via Patreon. No matter how much love and energy we put in to this project, we can’t keep this vibrant project space open without patrons like you. To those of you already do, we are so much more grateful than we can possibly put into words.

Yes We Cannibal