I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

ENCOUNTERS Coming up in March and April

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Meat Meet

Our Meat Meet schedule for the next two months:

  • March 7th: closed
  • March 14th: John P. Clark (philosopher, activist, writer)
  • March 21st: Ruin Garden (Experimental music performance)
  • March 28th: Glenn Wallis (non-Buddhist and anarchist writer)
  • April 4th: GBA Yung Lavage (Hip-Hop performance)
  • April 11th: Dr. Thomas Stanley aka Bushmeat Soundsystem (sound artist and visionary)
  • April 18th: Craig / Acid Horizon Podcast (ambient music performance and discussion)
  • April 25th: Louisa Minkin and Francis Summers (UK-based critical artists)


Our current gallery show The Sublime Directory will close around March 24th.

We’re working on an April show with Briyana Nicole and crew.

On May 1st, we will open a two person show with Lily P Brooks (Baton Rouge) and Hannah Chalew (NOLA)


The Sensory Engagement Laboratory continues to meet on alternating thursdays.

APE (Anarchist Political Ecology) continues to meet on Sunday mornings.

Other news

We just upgraded our ISP (again) to acquire an extremely high upload speed and we are looking forward to a stable, hi-res Twitch stream with no more dropped frames.

We have just secured two botany volunteer staff members, a PR volunteer staff member, a Performance Tech volunteeer staff member and are still looking for a Gallery Director volunteer staff member and a Video Editor. Email meetmeat@yeswecannibal.org if interested in either of the last two and help spread the word.