I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Early Fall Update 2020

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We were slated to open in April of 2020. Due to COVID, we were forced to delay repeatedly.

So, we spent a tremendous amount of time in the woods, picking chanterelles and honeysuckle and elderberries and considering what to do next.

Eventually, we decided the pandemic had made Yes We Cannibal only more important and chose to to use our weird pandemic months to work on our infrastructure, build new local and remote connections and launch this site.

We are a meat-space first and foremost but adapted temporarily to host some great online events.

In July, we worked with Incite Seminars (Philadelphia) and La Terre Institute (New Orleans) to remotely convene a group of 25 participants to discuss Natasha Lennard’s book Being Numerous: Essays on Non-Fascist Living (Verso 2019). Natasha was wonderfully generous and joined us for a concluding Q/A session.

We are now partway through a reading group co-sponsored with our dear friend Dr. John Clark of La Terre Institute on Abdullah Öcalan’s The Sociology of Freedom pt. III and looking forward to resuming our Affect, Decoloniality and Materialisms-yet-to-come (ADAM) reading group and the Sensory Engagement Lab, formerly based in Washington DC.

In June, during a lag in COVID cases, we also held an extremely successful “Freak Plant Fundraiser” and expect it to become an annual event.

We are humbly grateful to the kindness, generosity and understanding of our landlords and a handful of generous patrons who have supported us  during this strange time and equally grateful for all of the many amazing folks we’ve met around the world in the past few months.

As of late September, we’re busy finishing up the last of our infrastructure work – stripping our gallery floor down to concrete, completing some exterior painting and finally hanging our sign.

We will post some photos as we reach completion.

We also have lots and lots of things in the works including a collaborative series with Vinay Gupta entitled “Escaping the Dead Zone” and a “Plantation Unconscious” festival with Dr. Thomas Stanley aka Bushmeat Soundsystem as well as potential “How to make yourself a naturalist without nature” workshop.

We’ve also made some great local connections with South Side Arts Center, Lobelia Commons and many others.

Stay tuned as we continue to chart course through pandemic waters, hoping for land.

Liz Lessner and Mat Keel
Yes We Cannibal