I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Early May Update – Lots of News!

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Hi Friends,

Bear with us – there’s a ton of news to update you on!

We are currently updating our website to include a gallery feature on the front page but in the meantime, check out our current exhibition which showcases artist Kelsey Mack and runs through May 30th with viewings available by appointment. Kelsey will also be in the gallery on Saturdays in May from 12-4 and will be present on Friday May 7th 6-9 pm during Mid City Makers Mart April event with their move down the street to Circa 1857.  Contact us to arrange another time for viewing. Artist statement follows at the end of this post.

We have Meat Meet events throughout May and people are welcome to attend in person with masks. Please RSVP to meetmeat@yeswecannibal.org.

Nearly all of our Meat Meet events are now available on our YouTube channel.

We will be taking the month of June off for Meat Meet events but resume our weekly schedule in July. June will see a very exciting gallery show and two related workshops from critical art duo, Cesar and Lois entitled Eat the Anthropocene with Cesar & Lois, mycelia and friend entities. Workshops will be entitled: Digital foraging, analog mushrooms.

With the help of our outstanding Chief Press Officer Gideon Fortune, we are spending a lot of time on our fundraising strategy and preparing a big promotion of our Patreon to local and remote businesses and benefactors as well as individuals . Please consider supporting the huge amount of programming we have already been able to do this year.

We are also thrilled to announce that our limited edition letterpress posters, a collaboration with Blackbird Letterpress are now complete! They are available for $25 domestic shipping included and we hope you will buy one to support us! Just Venmo us or buy in person for $20.

In other news, YWC founders Mat and Liz recently published a piece in our cross-pollinator friends Incite Seminars new journal REFUSE entitled Space to Freak Out: On the risk of the subject and the deferral of Philip Guston.

We also wrote a little piece about wild mushroom foraging in the very awesome Lobelia Commons (NOLA) new Earthbound Almanac.

Sensory Engagement Lab and Anarchist Political Ecology (APE Group) continue and July will see the beginning of Genderfringe, a new radical queer reading group (local or zoom) founded by Gabriel from Cynocephalic Saints in partnership with author Eli Wray. On that note, don’t miss the former’s new release Now That’s What I Call Bigoted Shit Louisiana Politicians Said Last Week, Vol 1

We now have four amazing volunteer staff working with us including Gideon Fortune (Chief Press Officer),  Melinda James Kentucky (Gallery), Hal Lambert (AV Tech Consultant) and Cornelius Heusel III (Horticulture).

Finally we are thrilled to host the very brilliant Renée Reed (Keeled Scales) supported by our own Hal Lambert on June 24th. More details soon.

Ok, lot’s more we are probably leaving out but til’ later……

Mat and Liz
Yes We Cannibal

Kelsey Mack Artist Statement

A History Remade discusses the lack of depth in representation of black beauty in media and the history of art. Many find the current socio-political climate “good enough” or satisfactory for black individuals to develop when the truth is that it is still just as difficult to thrive. We are asked to be satisfied with the inaccurate representation and two-dimensional light that black women are put in. I often think about what it means to be a dark-skinned black woman, specifically in America– a country with a large cinematic presence, that does not often include the black female body as the norm in beauty standards. With this in mind, I decided to make my own representation, main characters, and story. The subjects in A History Remade, the women in my immediate family, are meant to be analogs for anyone who may be experiencing this systematic oppression.

The material that I use is black and white film, a medium which has historically been dominated by white male artists. My goal is to take this art form and create a new narrative for a restricted history, while also allowing those that look like me or have similar experiences to see themselves and feel as though they are being seen.

A History Remade consists of 19 prints at the size of 20×20’’ and larger consisting of mirrors, my sister, my mother, and I. The size of these prints are meant to grasp the viewer’s attention. We are forces of nature to be reckoned with. We are not to be taken lightly. Emotions, power, and self-confidence is not limited to one race or ethnicity.