I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

February Update

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Meat Meet Salon Series

Here’s our schedule for the month. All events take place in our empty gallery on Sundays 4 to 6 pm and are screened remotely at twitch.tv/yeswecannibal See our Encounters page for more details:

In March and April we’re looking forward to hosting hip-hop artist 3TBRAX (Baton Rouge), experimental performer Ruin Garden (Baton Rouge), author and philosopher John P. Clark (NOLA) rescheduled from last week, author and speculative non-Buddhism and Incite Seminars founder Glenn Wallis (Philadelphia), Dr. Thomas Stanley aka Bushmeat Soundsystem (Washington DC), MC Young Lavage (Baton Rouge) and much more.


Our inaugural gallery show The Sublime Directory runs Feb 20-March 17 with Marisa Marofske and Ellen Khansefid. Viewings by appointment. Upcoming shows tentatively include photographer Lily P Brooks (Baton Rouge) with Hanna Chalew (NOLA), Briyana Nicole (Baton Rouge), Cesar and Lois (California and Brazil), and more.

Sensory Engagement Lab (SEL)

SEL is off and running and meets alternate Thursdays at 6pm Thursdays by Zoom.

Anarchist Political Ecology (APE) reading group

The APE Group continue to meet on Sunday mornings from 11:30-1:30 central by Zoom, focusing mostly on shorter readings. All are welcome and APE shirts are on the way. Lately we’ve had the good fortune to be joined by David Watson, author of classic anarchist work on technology Against the MegaMachine and have been digging into his curated selections of poetry. All are welcome. For more information, join the APE Mailing List.


We are currently looking for reliable volunteers in the following areas:

  • Managing our PR list (can be remote to Baton Rouge)
  • Assisting with our small food forest and 2nd annual Freak Plant sale
  • Running the broadcast of our Meat Meet twitch. Requires OBS/Twitch expertise and helping with editing finished videos for Patreon.
  • Flier and Poster distribution

Etsy and Patreon

We are still working to edit video to finally launch our Patreon and Etsy with lots of good things available including a limited edition Meat Meet poster, APE shirts, YWC shirts and stickers and more. In the meantime, all of our posters are available for $15 (packaging and shipping included) on demand.


We’re exploring a collaboration with Cindy and Wonderground and Red Stick Reads to implement the latter’s visionary new garden space. We’re also beginning to explore working with Blackbird Letterpress on a series of botanical and mycological posters and artifacts. Stay posted!

Environmental Contamination

In more serious news, Mat was interviewed this week on WBRZ  about lead pollution in our neighborhood as the renovation of many houses takes off, posing a risk to neighborhood kids and a need for lead abatement awareness. EPA has lots of good info on how to do renovations safely.