Patreon Launching and Meat Meet update

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Today we ran our 4th Meat Meet and want to apologize that we were unfortunately beset with a major Zoom broadcasting problem that couldn’t be repaired and cut out our voices as interviwers. Thankfully, it was the sound of our questions that got lost, not our inteviewee Ben Blohowiak, creator of the Silver Panthers of Luna (2010) sound collage we featured. Thus, we’re able to edit in our questions as title cards in the final video.

Next Sunday 1/31, we are interviewing Dr. John P. Clark in studio so don’t anticipate any broadcast issues. A few days later, we will formally launch our Patreon with all five episodes so far and different levels of patronage with some including perks including a limited edition lettepress poster by Blackbird Press.

We hope you will consider supporting us at whatever level is comfortable.

Later in February, we will also open our Etsy store featuring Meat Meet event posters, Mushroom photos, Seeds, APE Group T Shirts, Yes We Cannibal T Shirt, buttons, stickers and more.

Stay posted!


Mat and Liz