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THE SILVER PANTHERS OF LUNA Jupiter Returns Edition (2022)


YWC 002 lathe cut LP
THE SILVER PANTHERS OF LUNA Jupiter Returns Edition (2022)



YWC 002 lathe cut LP
THE SILVER PANTHERS OF LUNA Jupiter Returns Edition (2022)

This record is a speculative ethnography composed by Ben Blohowiak mostly from archival recordings of the Black Panthers and their comrades as well as recordings by Timothy Leary and others from the Psychedelic elite of the 60s and 70s. The lathe cut format sounds like a record from that era and the package includes a free digital download code. Limited to 50 copies. Released August 28th, 2022.

"This text is an ethnographic text, if somewhat surreally. It invites you, its readers, not so much to agree or disagree with the evidence and analysis set forth by me, its author, as to enter actively into the process of re-searching your own historical and biographically given positions" – Stephen Pfohl

In 1970, The Brotherhood of Eternal Love paid the Weathermen to smuggle Timothy Leary out of prison and into the care of Black Panthers in Algeria. Subsequently, Eldridge Cleaver made a statement via radio broadcast in which he renounced the possibility of alliance between the Panthers and Leary and psychedelic drug culture as a whole.

This piece came about in an attempt to answer the question of what such an alliance might have otherwise produced.

– Ben Blohowiak, Charlottesville. Summer 2022

I first heard the Silver Panthers of Luna in early 2016 when I was living in England. It was sent to me by a friend as a set of digital files. The new psychedelic renaissance (aka the welcoming of sacred plant medicine onto the stock market) was well underway but nowhere near its current visibility. For a decade, Ben’s piece was mostly shared among a small group of people researching or otherwise involved in that underground world. There was scarcely any trace of the Silver Panther’s existence on-line. I played the original recording for Liz two years ago. Only then did I notice Ben’s name in the wrong slot of the mp3 file’s metadata. We located him and wrote him an email and he quickly wrote back to us from Charlottesville. We interviewed him in February 2021, and he quickly became a much-admired friend of and collaborator. Ben bears one of the most unusual and intriguing minds we’ve ever encountered. We are honored to help move this important piece of art further out into the world.

- Mat Keel, Yes We Cannibal, Baton Rouge. Summer 2022.

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