I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Daikaiju Attacks with Cynocephalic Saints sponsored by The Radio Bar

Thursday March 16th 9 pm

This show is generously sponsored by The Radio Bar

“This is what you need to know about Daikaiju: They’re loud. They’re all instrumental (duh). And they’re the band to see if you want to experience surf rock at its most offensive.” – Kelly Weidman, The Informer

Daikaiju is a mysterious chimera of sound and imagery that was first sighted in the winter of 1999. Entities of sonic mayhem, Daikaiju takes the sound of waves crashing and shrieking atomic lizards and makes it rock in a way that instills shock and awe in all who experience their shows-a highly interactive and confrontational performance that literally draws the audience into the massive vortex of sound generated by the band. Concealed behind masks, this troupe of mystery people create a mutant style of epic, high energy instrumental rock that seamlessly incorporates a wide variety of musical styles including surf, punk, noise, metal, psychedelic and progressive rock.

Like its namesake, the music of Daikaiju is a great, mysterious beast. Compelling melodies, hard-hitting riffs and shifting dynamics fuse together to create songs that dare the listener to experience the secret history of the universe-a fantastic reality of giant monsters, super humans, and extraterrestrial invasions that unfolds like the soundtrack of the greatest monster movie never made.

Noise oracle Cynocephalic Saints sets the stage with a final prayer for the living, returning live to YWC for the first time in two years.

9pm FREE and ALL AGES with $10-15 Tour Support Gifts Encouraged. #ArtIsLabor