We can't afford the luxury of an unconscious. — Terence McKenna

Summer Funding Campaign

We got the keys to open our door a week before COVID hit. This delayed things dramatically for us and we didn’t really start programming until the turn of 2021. We’ve had tremendous success and an incredible number of events.

Now we’re securing our infrastructure costs as follows:

 1) $1000 monthly in secured Patreon subscribers by September 1stThis part of our campaign is focused mostly on micro-patrons in BR and around the world. 

2) $1000 monthly in secured Patreon subscribers by December 1st. This part of our campaign is focused mostly on partnering with local businesses.

July 24th update: Between Patrons and one-time Venmo donations we have reached $307/$1000 and are very hopeful to reach 50% ($500) by August 1st.

This security will keep our doors open, allow our programming to continue and expand and begin focusing on bigger capital projects like our food forest and a free community healing clinic for the neighborhood and low-income people in general.

Our promise to you: we match every single dollar of patronage with endless labor, love, and sweat and we will continue to do so. Our volunteers work with incredible intelligence and care for nothing. This labor of love extends far beyond Mat and Liz as founders. 

We continue to believe Yes We Cannibal is unlike any other space and is creating something of incredible value for many. Please help it live a good life!

One time donations can also be made through Venmo. You can also purchase shirts, posters, stickers and more in our shop.



Baton Rouge is a complex, beautiful and important city often overlooked by outsiders yet it enjoys none of those visible experimental art and social research sites which are common in wealthier cities. 

Furthermore, Yes We Cannibal is located on a kind of social fault-line with multi-million dollar homes and businesses itchy for gentrification on one side and disinvested working class homes on the other. In order to protect the kind of radical inclusivity on which art and imagination depend, we are resolutely committed to keeping all of our events free – we have no paywall.   

We began with the decision to avoid non-profit status; seeing that structure as more prohibitive and labor-intensive than helpful, and  sometimes demanding the very forms of restriction and non-inclusivity that we most oppose.

This puts us in the challenging position of depending on a more horizontal network of partnerships with sympathetic businesses and mostly micro-patrons – small committed donations.. 

If you care about spaces like these, please spread the word!

Why should you support us?


Ask yourself – what role have experimental cultural spaces played in your own life? And, specifically, real-world meat-space ones? How have they shaped you and your world? Does it matter to you that they are available to others? Even in a city that may be unfamiliar to you?

Here in Baton Rouge, spaces like these are limited, insecure and often transient. This struggle for security is only more dire in the post-COVID world. Yet these spaces are also only more important now, serving as both centers for mutual aid and reservations for experimentation, justice and imagination. 

Over the course of our own lives, they have been profoundly affirming and transformative and we passionately believe in their importance. Some of these, past and present, include:

We also do our best to support many other projects, some local, some remote, some friends, some acquaintances and a few still strangers including:

Where does your money go?

We are well-resourced and well-experienced to maintain our space, provide labor, organize volunteers and pay basic operating costs. We have lots of volunteers too but we are, for now, dependent on small donors to meet our base infrastructure costs (rent, insurance and utilities) which currently totals approximately $2000/month after our own personal contributions – we are patrons too!