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Meat Meet 33: Andrea Asali

Leda Rafanelli’s Political Tarot”
Remote Performance

Are you concerned about the state of the nation? Worried that broken healthcare systems, civil strife, inequality have gone too far?
If you’ve got political anxieties, Leda Rafanelli can help.
A soul born thousands of years ago, the mystical Djali reincarnated as Leda Rafanelli in 1880. Leda lived a long, active life as a spiritually-attuned anarchist who even the anarchists couldn’t figure out. A master of radical pulp, she generated dozens of books while running several publishing houses in Italy. Leda also moonlit as a fortune teller, paying the bills by helping her clients navigate the complex power dynamics around them.
Having witnessed the downfall of monarchy, ravages of feudalism, rise of socialism, bloodbath of fascism, and bombastic fanfare of democracy, Leda has survived the political All. Let her help you find the wisdom hidden in the chaos.
Submit your most pressing political anxiety via this form. YWC will host a tarot reading session by Leda, during which a select number of anxieties will be addressed.
Leda will be channelling through AL Asali, who authored I Belong Only to Myself, The Life and Writings of Leda Rafanelli (AK Press, 2014).