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Milk / Monet / Zaander Trio with Erin Demastes

Thursday January 4th 8 pm

Applying free improvisation techniques to synthesizers, samplers and drum machines, the Milk/Monet/Zaander Trio sets out to explore new possibilities for beat driven electronic music outside the realm of traditional dance music.

Rotten Milk is a New Orleans-based improvisor and DJ who has toured extensively in the United States, Canada and Europe. Notable past projects include CAVE, Stress Ape and a long-running collaboration with the noise act Bubblegum Shitface.

Sonia Monet is a scattered, rhythmically-driven multi-instrumentalist. Francis Zaander’s output spans a variety of styles of music, video and visual arts. They are both based in Chicago.

Milk, Monet and Zaander were frequent musical collaborators in New Orleans throughout the 2010s. Members of the trio previously collaborated together on a variety of projects including Google Earth, Purpose Cleaner & the Unoriginal All-State, Menu Boiz, Butt City and Red Hot Chili Paper.