I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Cedric Dent, Jr

April 16th - May 1st 2022

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Opening Reception: Saturday April 16th 5 pm

I’m so glad you’re here

This show is not about me.

It is about the honorable individuals I have been able to document along my creative journey. My images have become my voice. They speak when I don’t have the capacity to speak. Each image displayed in this space has a unique story and has inspired me to find beauty in everyday life. My camera is a tool to share stories that are often overlooked. If you’re reading this, please don’t give up on life yet. If you’re still breathing, you still have purpose. I would love to stay connected with you. I am grateful for you.

— Cedric Dent, Jr


Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Cedric Dent, Jr found a profound love for photography in 2021. What he enjoys most is highlighting the beauty in everyday life in the African American community. His work exists for people to see a reflection of themselves in a positive light. Through his lens, he finds hope and inspiration by amplifying the dignity and humanity of everyday people.



Pricing and further documentation available on request. Contact gallery@yeswecannibal.org. All work is copyright of the artist(s) 2022.

Selected Works