I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Emptiness Ecologies

December 17th 2022 - February 4th 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday December 17th 7 pm

Art and writing from John Clark, Dawn DeDeaux, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, Chihiro Ito, Laura Marris, Clarissa Ribeiro, Anna Scime, Courtney P. Taylor, and Monique Verdin.

Also featuring Simon Berz, Austin Franklin, The Infernal Grove, Bill Kelley, Serpentine Choir, and Allison K. Young.

This project was imagined and curated as a creative audit of the new popularity of the concept of ecology in art, philosophy, and critical thought.

Over the course of six weeks this exhibition built a critical space taking stock of  the conceptual uses of ecology as well as the nature of reality itself. The exhibition featured a diverse group of decorated mid-senior career artists and writers. Multiple avenues of inquiry fed the space, such as: explorations of the nature of phenomena drawn from Buddhist Philosophy, living through the sixth great extinction, emptiness as that which is non-transactional or which celebrates reciprocity and gifting, especially as drawn from indigenous cosmologies. The show space was punctuated by five additional programming events.

A pdf of the writings from the exhibition is available here. A full catalogue of the show is forthcoming in Fall 2023 and is available from the YWC shop.

Pricing and further documentation available on request. Contact gallery@yeswecannibal.org. All work is copyright of the artist(s) 2022/2023.

Documentation primarily by  Jonathan Peterson.

Data-Phantoms: Impossible Nests (Memories Post Extinction)
Clarissa Ribeiro
Inkjet prints from renderings of six data sculptures

Reversible Flower and Rainbow line – Arrows Send Love to Club Q
Chihiro Ito
Paint, ink on stretched canvas
16 x 20 inches

Dear Deer
Anna Scime
2K/4K color video, 10:10 loop

Dawn DeDeaux

Assemblage with components, including:
Dead Planets (2014)
Safe for Water (2015)
The Spin (2014-2022)
The Weight of It All (2022)
Self Reflection in Broken Sphere (2014 – 2022)


Cognitive Dissonance and Civil Twilight at the Vernal Equinox
Courtney P. Taylor

On Emptiness: An Essay in Ten Negations
Laura Marris

Emptiness Ecology
John Clark

Line and Flower -after isolation
Chihiro Ito
Paint, ink on stretched canvas
12 x 9 inches

Lost Treasure Maps (series)
Monique Verdin 

Atlantis : Saint Bernard
Digital Assemblage, Archival inkjet print
United States Geological Survey Map, Louisiana Black Bay, 1983
36 x 24 inches

Horseline Pipeline : Pointe aux Chênes
Digital Assemblage, Archival inkjet print
United States Geological Survey Map, Terrebonne Bay, 1983
30 x 24 inches

Warning : Terrebonne
Digital Photograph Assemblage, Archival inkjet print
30 x 24 inches

Civil Twilight at the Vernal Equinox
Duke and Battersby
Video. 12 minutes 8 seconds