I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Mat Keel and Liz Lessner

January 29th - February 26th 2022

Closing Reception: Friday February 25th 7 pm featuring Erin Demastes

no, Thing – nothing (i know you hate that mystic shit)

How do we unmute political voice on alternate semiotic strata?

In these new experiments across sculpture, video, and text, we explore how computational mediums like databases, surveillance networks, and various other forms of energetic transfer work with traditions of the mystical, how current technological forms use the structure of communication in nefarious practices of affect management, false flag operations, and thinly veiled strategies for social control, and what is the potential of the uncanny, the taboo and the paradoxical as strategies for escape, mutiny, and the agentive persistence of life against the encroachment of algorithmic capitalism and entropic death.


Mat Keel is a researcher and artist who works with paranoid-critical geopolitics, more-than-ontological ethnography, still and moving digital image, sculpture and text.

Liz Lessner is a sculptor whose work combines traditional fabrication techniques and emerging technologies to create novel sensory experiences. These often-interactive objects stage encounters that reframe common occurrences and routine happenings.



Pricing and further documentation available on request. To purchase work, contact gallery@yeswecannibal.org. All work is copyright of the artist(s) 2022.