I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Mat Keel and Liz Lessner

January 29th - February 26th, 2022

no, Thing – nothing (i know you hate that mystic shit)

Closing reception on Friday, February25th 7-9 pm

Viewing HoursTuesdays 6-8 pm, Saturdays 2-5 pm or by appointment. We will also stay open on Saturday February 12th until 9pm during the Mid City Makers events down the street at Circa.

no, Thing collects works by YWC co-founders Mat Keel and Liz Lessner across a variety of media including sculpture, video, and text which unmute political voice by enacting alternate semiotic strata.

MatKeel and Liz Lessner are trained as sculptors and work across mediums and milieus. Their collaborative practice is animated by concepts like time, its mutability, politics, and the varieties of ways that humans experience it, especially when confronted with ecological, social, and psychological threat.

They are especially concerned with current theoretical debates around ecology andthe place of humans within it as well as the ways that computational mediums like databases, surveillance networks, and various other forms of transduction-the transfer of energy from one form to another- work with, around, and against ideas and traditions of the mystical.

They are especially animated by an interest in semiotic strata and the ways that current political and technological forms employ the structure of communication in nefarious practices of affect management, false flag operations, and thinly veiled strategies for social control.

They are further interested in the potential of the uncanny, the taboo and the paradoxical as strategies for escape, mutiny, and the persistence of life against the encroachment of algorithmic capitalism and entropic death.


Mat Keel is a researcher and artist who works with paranoid-critical geopolitics, more-than-ontological ethnography, still and moving digital image, sculpture and text to explore trauma as political violence, focusing on the role of dissociation as a strategy for reintegration with pre-colonial mind. matkeel.net

Liz Lessner is a sculptor whose work combines traditional fabrication techniques and emerging technologies to create novel sensory experiences. These often-interactive objects stage encounters that reframe common occurrences and routine happenings. lizlessner.com