I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Being Numerous Discussion Group

July - August 2020

This was our first attempt at a Zoom reading group, in collaboration with Incite Seminars and La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology.

We held three 90 minute meeting and discussions and an additional one hour meeting with the author Natasha Lennard. In the process, we learned a lot, had some great discussions about ghosts, punching fascists and being vulnerable. New ideas were discovered and new friends were made from all over the world.

For the final meeting, we presented Natasha with this spontaneous group Exquisite Corpse poem.

Antidote to the Fascogenic
kill the cop in your head
crawling towards empathic
through the mire of the present terrain
silence, violence and compliance
antifasco antipasta scenic geni
antic dote
“You don’t look fat, but do you feel fat,”
said my 6 y.o. son, trying to be human-genic
in search of the non-hierarchical parfait
think slowly
so that we do not slide towards perpetual war
puppeteered into our desires
beware the lower archy
(the aint iety
(the non passaran
(the fear of what isn’t
we make love to the earth our motherbody
and her ten thousands things
ardour and arduous desire
fractal emergence from an anti-fascist unknowing
(to) a future imagined

Being Numerous Reading Group sponsored by Incite Seminars, La Terre Insitute for Community and Ecology, and Yes We Cannibal (August 2020)

These images are impressionistic doodles — made with great fondness — of some of the meeting participants by an anonymous gtroup member.


Thursday Evenings July 16, July 23, July 30, August 7 (6:30-8 pm Central US)

ANNOUNCING: A free Zoom reading group in collaboration with Incite Seminars and La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology:

BEING NUMEROUS: Essays on Non Fascist Life (Verso 2019)

A free Zoom reading and discussion group in collaboration with Incite Seminars and La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology.

July 16: Intro and Chapters 1-3
July 23: Chapters 4-7
July 30: Chapters 8-11
August 6: Natasha will join us for a follow-up Q/A.

To receive a Zoom Invite, please email meetmeat@yeswecannibal.org. The ebook is available through Verso