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Guts Club w D Sablu

Saturday March 25th 9pm

FREE and ALL AGES with $10-15 Tour Support Gifts encouraged. #ArtIsLabor

Guts Club (New Orleans) has been releasing music, in various iterations, since 2015 and recently went through a lineup change and a notable shift towards heavy and experimental doom, noise, and post metal. With Ronna Sandoval (Coffinwolf Ultra) on drums and Alex Dimef (Student Driver) on second guitar, the lyrically dark violence of early Guts Club finally parallels the music. The band creates an incredible wall of grief dirge and their January 2023 release CLIFFS/WALLS is one of our favorite records in a long time.

D Sablu (New Orleans) is a member of several music outfits but this incarnation of his work always scorches. Maximum Rock n Roll (still extant, yes) says:

Classic punk from the ’77 UK and ’74 Ohio schools, but naturally, it sounds exactly like neither because the real punks keep making the shit sound new and important (because it is important, of course). I can’t even imagine how hard it is to restrain yourself enough to make music like this. Every fukkn song feels like it wants to just let it fly, and I want to listen to HELLNATION when it’s over just so I can hear something fast. But that’s the point, and these New Orleans freaks nail it. Even when they go fast on “So Sorry,” the freakout is so controlled and I love it. Mutant garage punk at the absolute top of their game…and to be fair, they pretty much let it all fly on “Parody,” that one is a full release. Full swagger, full strut, full stomp, total punk.

Flier by Guts Club