I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Meat Meet 14: LMFS- Conflictual Circulation: Artist’s Talk

Sunday April 25th 2-4 pm


LMFS presented an extraordinary talk on their work. At their request and in keeping with the arc of their thought, the talk was not archived. However, they generously produced this short legacy reel for us and our followers as well as the following papers and a quote which afford entrance into their project:





and then this text from their paper:

“Engulfed, engulfing and enflamed. We might say that our capacity to communicate and to interrelate becomes subject not only to measurement but also to formatting – a managed mode of encounter (where the battle is over the correct and legitimate tone of communication). This situation is one of a libidinal economy – where there is a play on our cathexes to objects and each other, whilst the perpetually lacking aspect of desire is enforced. Here there is a grammatization of gesture and memory – a making discrete of knowledge and action from the body to the reproductive social machine; the abstraction of the subject to the user, a sinking of agency into the glacial flatness of the profile. The driving force of this communicative economy is both a harnessed libidinal force (the simple desire for contact, belonging and encounter) and the alienation of cognitive labour and affect, an exteriorization of feelings and memory, of know-how and solidarity, diffused into the virtual space of connective castration. Or, using the terms of Bernard Stiegler, in the current stage of control societies where subjects are not enclosed in the factory but ‘modulated’ in the network, there is distinct work on our ‘neurochemical activity’ as well as on our ‘neurobiological substrates of memory and knowledge’ – a scenario not only of society, industry and biopolitics but also of the ‘psychopolitical’ and the ‘industrial economy of memory’. The reticular network as site of uppers and downers, then.
A labour where forgetting is not part of a grieving process, but part of our feel-good mnemo-affective-proletarization. We find ourselves in a post-community where emotional life is a formatted component, with connection and connectivity defined as a ‘functional relationship’ – a clear model of productivity.”


Sunday April 25th 2-4 pm CDT

Conflictual Circulation: An Artist’s Talk
Talk and Conversation

Tune in to twitch.tv/yeswecannibal
Please take note of the slight time shift to accommodate our friends across the sea! This event will take place from 2-4 pm US Central aka 8-10 pm UK London

About LMFS

LMFS is the name of the collaboration between Louisa Minkin and Francis Summers. We have been making banners sometimes since 2012.

Recurring themes include: agitation, solidified memory, forgetting, allusions, technologies, image-text relations, poetic dispersal and concretion, social art-work as patchwork archaeology of failed forms, the lumpen-vectoral…

Some methods: Historical research, sudden leaps, churned seas of associations. The thud of the rock from our ancestors hitting the back of our heads, smelling the chilled sweat of the sublime as it slumbers in a cardboard box at the amazon depot [thanks Tyler Coburn]

We think about chalk on the fence, the impermanence of the public sphere…

We< 3 the poor image.

We think about networks, borders, behaviours.

We ask along with Vilem Flusser; What does it mean to see an image, to respond to it as a thickening feedback procedure?