I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Meat Meet 18: Alter Destiny vs Manifest Destiny

Sunday July 4th 4-6 pm

Alter Destiny vs Manifest Destiny: The End of the American Century and the Path Towards Black Liberation

This conversation between two of our finest YWC alums, and co-sponsored by Bill’s Firehouse (Washington DC),  is live in the gallery and on Twitch at 5pm CDT. It will follow a screening of the director’s cut of Afrofuturist genius Sun Ra’s epic Space is the Place (1972) in the gallery only between 4-5 pm CDT. Tune in to twitch.tv/yeswecannibal for the conversation.

RC CLARKE is a selective chronologist; he notices the passage of time through both an ethnomusicological lens as a co-editor at Dweller Electronics and oceanographically as a Ph.D student in Coastal Geological Sciences in New Orleans, Louisiana. http://greyoverblue.net. See his earlier, inaugural Meat Meet performance on Youtube.

DR. THOMAS STANLEY a/k/a BUSHMEAT SOUND is an artist, author, and activist deeply committed to audio culture in the service of noetic (r)evolution. His audio work employs musical sound to anchor, frame, and accelerate our subjective experience of history. In 2014 he authored the Execution of Sun Ra, a critical response to the cosmological prognostications of the late jazz iconoclast. Dr. Stanley has spent three decades exploring the ramifications of Alter Destiny, Sun Ra’s unique construct for a just and sustainable (Afro)Future. He hosts “Bushmeat’s Jam Session,” a weekly collage of radical music heard on WPFW-FM radio (thurs, midnight et, wpfwfm.org). See his earlier Meat Meet performance on Youtube.