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Meat Meet 19: Maggots and Men (2009) w Interview

Sunday July 11th 4-6 pm

Film Screening and Interview

Screening of “Maggots and Men,” followed by a pre-recorded interview with Carey Cronenwett (Los Angeles) and Ilona Berger (Los Angeles)

Cronenwett is a Los-Angeles-based trans filmmaker who wrote and directed “Maggots and Men,” an experimental historical narrative set in a mythologized, post-revolutionary Russia that re-imagines the story of the 1921 uprising of the Kronstadt sailors with a twist of gender anarchy. Agit-prop theater group Blue Blouse guides the viewer through the story, narrated by fictionalized letters written by Stepan Petrichenko, the leader of the Provisional Revolutionary Committee.

Berger is the Co-Founder of the Los Angeles artist-run gallery, Last Projects.

Cronenwett is currently working on the film Chicago Love. The film follows eight trans women who are stuck using their dead names long after transitioning are suing the state to have this restriction removed and the progression of their lawsuit as the plaintiffs pursue their dreams of changing their names to match their authentic selves.