I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Paisley Fields w Cody Riker

Wednesday March 15th 8 pm

FREE and ALL AGES with $10-15 Tour Support Gifts strongly encouraged.  #ArtIsLabor

Queer Country Star, periodic member of Lavender Country, and Don Giovanni recording artist, Paisley Fields is an important force in queer country music. He visited us on short notice last year to a fairly small crowd but all had a great time. He’s an excellent songwriter, a featured artist at SXSW, and a really friendly human. Shimmering vibes, love songs, hurt songs, and lots of clever but genuine lyrical play.

Here’s what some fancy media has to say:

“One of the mainstays of the Queer Country Quarterly is Paisley Fields, whose first album Not Gonna Be Friends debuted to critical acclaim in 2014, and latest album is this year’s Ride Me Cowboy. Paisley, who grew up in the Midwest where he was a church pianist as a teenager, remembers country music, and specifically line dancing, as a means of expressing (if covertly) his sexuality in a conservative setting. “When I was line dancing I could just dance around and be a little gay boy and no one would judge me for it,” he recalls. Along with touring with his own band, Paisley is also a member of the reactivated Lavender Country” – The BBC

“It’s emblematic of Fields’ unapologetically queer country music, which uses razor sharp wit to navigate the loneliness and tenderness of the LGBTQ+ experience.” – Dazed

“Over the half-dozen years that he’s been recording as Paisley Fields, James Wilson has steadily increased the camp in his music so that his forthcoming set, Electric Park Ballroom, is a scruffy, over-the-top, cabaret country affair. Raised in Iowa, but lately splitting his time between Brooklyn and Nashville, he makes mischievous use of down-home symbolism on his frolicsome tune “Ride Me Cowboy,” upending the conventions of stoic, range-riding masculinity with winking, queer flirtation.” – NPR


Cody Riker