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Thelema Club BR: Aleister Crowley and the Flesh and Blood of the Eucharist

Friday November 19th, 7pm

Live Lecture

It comes as a surprise to many only peripherally familiar with Aleister Crowley how he adopted and developed magical methods of previous traditions. The most obvious such adoption is the Gnostic Catholic Mass which features a Eucharist. Crowley’s Eucharistic magick was larger than the mass though and is implemented in a few different ceremonies. R.C. will, during this hour or two talk, explore the traditional use of a sacrifice of flesh and blood, Crowley’s understanding, ritual uses and then we’ll conclude with a celebration of a ritual that resembles the Gnostic Mass in structure and content but is easily implemented personally or in small groups. Come and learn about Crowley, Magick, and the Law of Thelema.