I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Capitol Offense

February 11th - March 5th 2023.

Opening Reception: Saturday February 11th 6 pm

Group show at Good Children Gallery

Steven L. Anderson, Osha Blue Eye, Lily Brooks, Cesar & Lois, RC Clarke, Erin Demastes, Cedric Dent Jr, eternity, Erik Fields, Chihiro Ito, Ellen Khansefid and Marisa Marofske, Mat Keel, Liz Lessner, LMFS, Jonathan Peterson, Thomas Stanley aka Bushmeat, Erin Woodbrey

On the second anniversary of our first gallery show, we were invited to curate Capitol Offense at Good Children Gallery in New Orleans. The group show arrayed a geographically diverse group of artists who had previously exhibited with us. The show featured a variety of media, highlighting the wide berth of practices, communities and curatorial tracks that intersect at Yes We Cannibal and suggested their cross-pollination. Some pieces returned from earlier gallery shows and some were new works from previously exhibiting artists, while others were new collaborations, and some artists crossed genres, such as Ryan Clarke who moved from critical sound collage to sculpture.

Capitol Offense aimed to activate a space where curiosity towards new encounters was heightened. The title plays gently with associations between punitive strictures against taboo or social heresy as well as it nods at the relationship between our capitol city and New Orleans.

Yes We Cannibal’s monthly hip hop showcase, Sole Lab Sundays was relocated to Good Children for its February installment, as was micro-rave Future Ex-Youth, which immediately followed a performance by rarely seen Baton Rouge art punk project Fake Last Name with special guest Secret Cowboy interpreting the gestural score from Simon Berz’s Tectonic, part of Emptiness Ecologies. The exhibition also presented uncanny documentation of our broader activities, featuring an interactive archive including a listening station, posters, photos, clippings, articles, ephemera, and some artifacts for purchase.

Clockwise from bottom

Ellen Khansefid and Marisa Marofske
Change Nature, 2021
Concrete, Acrylic

Wonkla (Clarissa Ribeiro)
Lula Libre,
Digital collage

Erick Fields
Lil Ms.Marvel/Lil Ruby, 2021
Inkjet print of acrylic painting

Left to Right

Lily P. Brooks
Levee, Light from Dow Chemical and Western International Gas, 2019
Archival pigment print
40 x 32 inches

Erin Woodbrey
Contrapposto (From The Carrier Bag Series), 2020
Single-use plastic containers, ash, plaster, gauze, and steel wire
20 1/2 x 8 x 6 1/2 inches

Reversible Flower and Rainbow line – Arrows Send Love to Club Q
Chihiro Ito

Ryan C Clarke
Bystander, 2022,
Wood, Nail, Scrap Metal,
37 x 6 inches

Jonathan Peterson
Peter Johnny, 2022
Ronnie’s Upper Room, 2022


Mat Keel and Thomas Stanley
Free Mike, 2023
Digital collage on newsprint; series of 10
12 x 18”

Cesar & Lois
Fruiting Plato, 2019
Digital print of bio-sculpture

Erin Demastes
Circuit, 2021

Cedric Dent, Jr
Fierce Girl, 2022
Digital poster print
72 x 108 inches

Mat Keel
Poor Thing, 2021
Wood, Vinyl, Safety Pins, Cord, Balloon

Cesar & Lois
Colonizing (inherited) Philosophy, 2019
Digital print of bio-sculpture

Osha Blue Eye
Working Man, 2022
Inkjet print
24 x 36”

Steven L. Anderson
Cascade, 2022
Digital video, 3:06, loop
Featuring Stephanie Pharr

Liz Lessner
Make/Speak prototypes III, 2023
Laser-cut leather

LMFS (Louisa Minkin and Francis Summers)
Conflictual Circulations, 2020
Digital video, 6:41, loop


Reproduction of  Tarsila do Amaral Abaporu 1928 on newsprint by Myths Drift Distro

Liz Lessner

Erin Demastes





Carrie (Future Ex-Youth flier), 2022
Digital poster Print
24 x 36”