I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Matt Vis

August 7th - 31st 2024

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Opening Reception: Saturday August 10th 4-8 pm

MP4PR (Meditation Patterns for Pain Reduction)

Artist Statement

Without any initial specific intent, these “Meditation Patterns” were born in a hospital bed during an
extended stay following an accident resulting in multiple back and pelvic fractures. Overwhelmed with
pain and stripped of my physical capabilities for an indefinable period of time (possibly for eternity),
what was I to do? Relinquish my ambitions and submit to placidity? No. I would not accept that. I had to
do something. I took to reorienting myself and plotting a path beyond my “confinement”. My exit plan
became a mission to observe both outwardly and within. I would connect the two and plan my escape.

The source photographs were taken of what I called “situational anomalies”; mostly architectural
incongruities that I captured in a foreign environment from a wheelchair. The visual schematics in the
hospital didn’t feel harmonious, so I cut, mirrored, and manipulated the pictorial architecture into
harmonious patterns when I returned to my bed. Understandably, I wanted to create order out of chaos.
Perhaps I could find solace in a theoretical space created from images of this disorienting environment?

In doing so, I soon realized I was constructing images of neural pathways around my trauma to achieve
release. I thought “when you experience trauma, you must forge a new path in order to reach your
goal.” That was my revelatory moment.

These patterns represent theoretical spaces where anyone can train themselves to create healthy neural
pathways around their traumatic blockages. They aren’t “puzzles” you have to solve; they are intended
to stimulate an innate desire to unlock your ability to adapt and change. Some responses take time,
some are almost immediate. Look at one pattern at a time. I have found that this stimulation increases
in its effect the longer you stay engaged. There is no particular time requirement, however. You can
spend as much or as little time with them as you see fit. Choose any pattern that inspires you at any
given time and explore. In a world of over stimulation, these are intended to be a place of solace. Don’t
try too hard. Slow down, open yourself up, and let it happen. With this approach, you can and will
unlock a pathway to a healthier and more harmonious existence. That is the goal.

I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me.