I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Irina Kruchinina, Scott Nelson, Paige Jarreau

April 3rd - 7th 2023

Opening Monday April 3rd 5-8 pm
Viewing T, Th, F 5-8 pm

Over Seventy Thousand Fathoms of Water

A multimedia installation ISeaYou invites you inside a poem that would emerge and dissolve in its own ink like a sea wave. The poem searches for a sensitizing con-core-dance between human longings in the see-saw of their articulations in sounds, words, images, and movement. The dance film you are going to experience within the installation creates an open space of seeing and unseeing of meanings whose gain and loss you would recollect into your own lines within the fabric of the poem spread in front of you.

Conceived and Directed by 

Irina Kruchinina is an interpreter of poetry through dance. She attends to words as moving images of sound through which she rediscovers space and relationscapes. In ISeaYou, she tried to translate the sensations of standing in the waves into a poem where lines repercussion each other like human longings and dissolve in the sea of [im]possibilities of their fulfillment.

In collaboration with 

Scott Nelson who began studying for a PhD in the Experimental Music & Digital Media program at Louisiana State University in 2020 after completing two degrees in Music Composition. Scott is continually learning fascinating new ways to make music through emerging technologies. He is particularly interested in audio/visual art, and video game sound. The collaboration with IrinaKruchinina and Paige Jarreau allowed him to put sis sound design abilities on display, while simultaneously learning visual design skills using LSU’s new XR studio. It was an opportunity to work on an ambitious cross-media project that he could not pass up! 

Paige Jarreau who studies and practices creative approaches to science communication, including science-art and storytelling. She has been an aerial artist since 2016 She loves many forms of physical movement, but particularly enjoys improvisations on aerial silks. ISeaYou stretched her comfort zone in improvising on floor and silks based on the “sea” inspired prompts.