I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Jeremias Frogg

April 20th - May 18th 2024

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Jeremias Frogg’s forest beings are symbiontic creatures who share characteristics of mushrooms and fungi, humans, insects, and other unidentifiable beings.

They are chimeras of a clade-spanning sort, stretching from humans and flowering plants to bacteria and viruses and showing the full range of four billion years of eukaryotic evolution. In truth, every one of us carries these lineages, but they are hidden deep in the gut, and yet even deeper in cells. Morphogenesis leaves trails like a clumsy stage magician, but in Frogg’s Theater of the Imagination, the vestments of each evolutionary transmogrification are not removed.

— Hieronymous Fisch (2022)


Jeremias Frogg (b. 1976 | d. 2022), also known as Jeremy Clark, was a visionary artist, creative writer, and experimental musician. He was born in New Orleans and died at Bayou La Terre, near Dedeaux, Mississippi.

Frogg made hundreds, perhaps thousands, of visionary drawings and paintings, many of which depicted spiritual beings in a world of joy, love, eroticism, and ritual. When asked what inspired his artwork, he replied, “Moon. Gods. Fungus. Children and doggies. That’s what. And some kitchen appliances.”

Some of his artwork will appear in the book Poemics, with texts by Max Cafard and Hieronymous Fisch.