I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

Andy Davis and Anne Lukins

Saturday June 29th 5 pm

CRASIS (/krey-sis/ from the Greek κρᾶσις, “mixing”, “blending”) is a collaborative duo made up of ANDY P. DAVIS and ANNE LUKINS. The duo is a current resident at Galveston Artist Residency and a 2024 resident of the forthcoming Stoveworks Artist Residency. CRASIS has performed and exhibited at venues in the US and abroad including A Leste Studio in Portugal, Vox Populi Gallery and Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia, PA, and The Orange Show, Houston, TX.

Their projects use participatory live performance to channel an emerging mythical cosmology engaged with questions of human ecology. These characters derive from personal narrative, the material environment, and from ancient and contemporary cultures. CRASIS is serious play, and rebellion against ecological twilight.

(De)monstro is a participatory ritual, blending spoken word, music, puppet theater, and sacred clowning. From a queer, eco-feminist perspective, (De)monstro honors destruction in service of life.

Props, puppets, and costumes are made from foraged plant and fungal materials, as well as salvaged textiles, wood, metal, and papier-mâché.

Audience members are invited to participate in creating sound for the ritual using handmade devices, and by feeding the monsters chunks of reality to be magically destroyed.