I don't believe in culture ... I believe in encounters. -- Gilles Deleuze

A year of gallery shows

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We are very excited about all the shows we have coming up over the next year that have recently been added to our site.

We just concluded an excellent show of photographs by our close collaborator Jonathan Peterson. The show – Meanwhile, in the space between – ran for three weeks and featured an artist talk as well as a panel with previously exhibiting artists Lily Brooks (2021) and Cedric Dent, Jr. (2022). That panel will be posted on our YouTube channel soon.

Jonathan was the chief documentarian for Can I Ball? with Tunde Wey and is currently working as the art director for the soon-forthcoming Emptiness Ecologies catalogue, working closely with Denise at Barringer Studio who implemented the design of our 2021 yearbook, it really happened.

In September, we welcome Florida natives by way of New Orleans, Cristina Molina and Jonathan Traviesa for their show Under the Highlands.

October brings us Molly Shea’s gonzo-critical but equally inscrutable Bass Ghost Shop with events on the 13th and 25th and maybe more.  Check out Molly’s work on her website.

In November, we host an exhibition of work by French artist Manon Bellet entitled Interstice. Previous YWC panelist Allison Young writes of Bellet’s work:

Bellet is interested in revealing the creative agency of uncommon, found, or obsolete matter—evident in works that comprise, for instance, the delicate sprays of iron fillings which interact with magnets, the textured imprint made by solar-heated metal plates pressed to thermal paper, or the linear path drawn by fire along the burned edges of silk paper. As an artist, she has come to approach her studio practice almost like a chemist in the laboratory—experimenting with the raw states and residues of graphite, light, scent, and fire to investigate how these materials or elements undergo processes of transformation and change.

On January 27th – also Gus Keel’s 10th birthday, incidentally – we open a project we’ve been planning for several years. It features Curtis Schreier, a legendary figure in the annals of utopian architecture and experiments in the social field at large. The show is guest-curated by our collaborator Liz Flyntz out of Baltimore and will have several interesting tie-ins.

The Spring of 2024 also brings a memorial show for Jeremias Frogg aka Jeremy Clark. Frogg was a prolific visionary artist based in New Orleans who died suddenly in 2022. Also in the Spring, we welcome back Estephanie Mena for her second solo event.

In the summer, we are thrilled to host a guest-curated exhibition from another collaborator, Veronica Cross, showing photographs by another recently departed Louisiana artist, Gervaise Soeurouge. Soerouge documented the early punk rock scenes in New York and London between 1975 and 1985. She also shot the legendary sole appearance of the Sex Pistols in Baton Rouge in 1978.

Later in the summer of 2024, we are thrilled to host another very prolific local artist whose work we find exciting, Scott Finch.

More details on Scott, Gervaise, and Estephanie’s shows are forthcoming.

Also stay posted for more on some select musical performances and salon events this fall as well as the release of our upcoming 45s.